Join Gut Check Fitness for the King of the Hill – Trail Running with Attitude.

This event will consist of either trail running or pack racing up Villager or Rabbit Peaks, two of the most scenic, beautiful and challenging peaks out there. The Villager Peak course is 15 miles and the Rabbit Peak route is 22 miles round trip. Along the 15 or 22-mile out-and-back course options you will encounter various rigorous fitness tasks, including push-ups, burpees, etc. Something for everyone!

Choose from two divisions:

Fleet of Feet Division - This is a standard trail run with fitness challenges along the way and water stations. You will start the race at 12:01AM April 2nd. You will have 12 hours to complete the course.

Bad Ass Division - This is an unsupported pack race with more extreme challenges along the way. Must carry weighted pack, we will issue the weight you need to carry in your pack at race check-in (approx 50 lbs. for men, 30 lbs for women), plus all of your own food and water, there are no water stations allowed. Life insurance policy suggested. Only the truly ‘insane’ need apply! You will start the sufferfest at 7PM on Friday, April. 1st You will have 18 hours to complete the course.

This IS one of the most difficult trail races in Southern California and had NEVER been raced before our 2012 event. There will be an option to turn around at Villager Peak (mile 7ish) due to difficulty and time cut-off.

You MUST register now as we can only allow 250 Fleet of Feet runners & Bad Ass pack racers due to the size & difficulty of the trail.

Who is going to be crowned the King or Queen of the Mountain and take home the coveted Eagle Award?!
You are not afraid of a little ole Rabbit are you?!

Join us on April 1st & 2nd – for the Rabbit Peak – 15 & 22 Miler. April 1st at 7PM for the BA Division and April 2nd at 12:01AM (yes it is a night start, time to run with the moonlight) for the Fleet of Feet Division. 


Check out this video for a look at the events from previous years: