Physical Fitness Test ― January 2014

Physical Fitness Test ― January 2014

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GUNG HO AWARD — Lisa Olsson & Connie Mitchell

connie-and-lisa-2Gut Check is about strong bodies, strong friendships, and pushing the limits. We’d like to recognize two people deserving of the Gung Ho award:

Lisa Olsson & Connie Mitchell

As the saying goes, “Friends that workout together, stay together!” Lisa and Connie were introduced to Gut Check at about the same time almost 2 years ago and they are still pushing their limits, upping their weights, and achieving goal after goal together! All the Gut Check trainers know them because they drop in everywhere, usually as a pair, and give it their all each and every time. They are fast, strong, and “love” a good workout.

Inspired by the King of the Hill series, Lisa and Connie’s rest day usually consists of gathering friends and climbing a mountain. After catching the trail running bug, Lisa was determined to run the Ragnar Trail Relay and organized a Gut Check team of people she didn’t know and quickly made a family out of it.  That’s Lisa. And, of course, Connie was right there with her.

To quote Connie:

“Aspire to be deserving,”

and that’s just how they live their lives — inspiring others to do the same!

They’ve both come such a long way and can share with you their stories. We are proud of them both and honored that they represent Gut Check Fitness!

SoCal Super Spartan – 1st Place Finish!

This past weekend Team Gut Check — consisting of the San Diego, Las Vegas & Los Angeles crews, took approximately 30 racers to compete in the Vail Lake Super Spartan and the Spartan Sprint.

The Super Spartan obstacle race provides an 8+ MILES / 20+ OBSTACLES battlefield of insane mud running with 15 or more obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve.

This mud fest of a race has many trials to push you to your limits consisting of mud runs, trails, and both mental and physical obstacles and challenges. The Sprint is about half the distance plus obstacles. Both are very challenging for the average person but apparently not for the Gut Check team as they walked away with many age group podium finishes and Gut Check swept the Super Spartan Team division in 1st place!

Check out this video and pictures…

-Joe Decker

Socal Super Spartan

Socal Super Spartan2

Socal Super Spartan3

Socal Super Spartan4

Socal Super Spartan6

Socal Super Spartan7

Socal Super Spartan8