Going for the Great

  • March 16th, 2017
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I find it hard to believe that as I write this while sitting in a wine bar in Las Cruces, NM, that my wife, Nicole Decker and I are two weeks into this crazy, awesome and amazing thing called the Good to Great Tour for 4.5 months, 30 cities, 10,000 miles around the Nation all while delivering just one message, “why settle for the good when you can go for the great.”


You’re probably asking, “what the heck is the good to great tour and what does it mean?!” Good question. Last October while visiting Australia, we decided to rent a JUCY Camper van and tour the east coast of the country. The goal was to host Gut Check events but also to hold weekend workouts like we do in the States but I wanted a plug a message to get people interested and excited to join us. As someone that continually tries like hell to continually pursue the best that life can be, I thought about the Prefontaine quote, “why settle for the good when you can go for the great.” Boom, there was the message and the title of the tour, the Good to Great.


Nik and I had a great time touring the amazing Australia eastern shore board while making new friends along the way. After it as over in November, I thought to myself, why not do the same back home. So I called one of our favorite partners, Road Runner Sports in San Diego, pitched the idea and they loved it. So now we have our sponsorship with RRS as well New Balance plus Injinji toe socks joining the party too. I pitched the locations to my buddy at RRS then drew up the map that you see above. Holy  moly, this thing is becoming reality.


17021503_10154952182567368_937851643794479653_nPicked up our JUCY Camper van in LA two weeks ago and we are off. The first stop was the Anza Borrego desert for the West Coast 12 Hour SUCK. Oh, and unlike the first time in JUCY, this time I had done my research and ordered all the coolest gizmos and gadgets from it’s own pop-up tent, an inverter to power Nik’s pet hair dryer, which was for her, to an Aero press to make some killer coffee in the morning. First night in the desert, watched the sunset, the moon rise and the stars shoot, both of us knew this was going to be a pretty epic trip. Side note, it’s truly amazing and refreshing when you realize just how much you do not need to be happy. Life truly is simple when it’s simplified.


OK, 30 participants show up on Saturday, ready to kick off 12 hours of what has been named one of the Most Extreme Fitness Tests in the Nation and the SUCKfest is on. Always so impressed with the amazing men and women that join us for this empowering event. Truly gives me hope in humanity that there are still people out there that are motivated to find out and be the best that they can be. At this event, our mantra is, “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.” The West Coast SUCK did just this, with miles, actually over a 50k, of bucket carries, sand bag runs, trail runs, humping a pack up an extremely steep trail, thousands of bodyweight calisthenics and much more. All of this awesomeness finished with a half mile swim in the lovely Salton Sea. Not that’s what I call, “embracing the SUCK.”


Here we go again. Next day we hit the road for the Grand Canyon. Had a couple camping stops along the way. Note, as a country boy and an Infantry Vet, I do not camp where other people do, as I prefer remote locations. As you can imagine, have found some pretty incredible locations. Only been bogged down once.
Grand Canyon here we are. It’s the Wednesday before my birthday and find out that the Bright Angel to North Kaibab trail is 46 miles round trip, add one more and I’ll get 47 on my 47th as well as hopefully complete the Rim to Rim to Rim epic crossing. 14 hours later filled with awe inspiring vistas, I am done with one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. If you haven’t been there, do not die without giving it a look see. It’s that amazing.


Now time to officially kick off the Good to Great tour, #goforthegreat, with our friends at Road Runner Sports at their Tempe and Scottsdale locations. Had a great crew of motivated and hard working individuals show up ready to go for their own great. Just like we do at Gut Check Fitness, was able to find some pretty cool and challenging terrain. Workouts were a hit, everyone loved the New Balance, Injinji, NUUN, Grabbagreen and RRS raffles plus giveaways. Stop one, a huge success, time to get on down the road.



Here we are in Las Cruces, NM as I mentioned above. Time to get the head straight for another bucket list event, the annual Memorial Bataan Death March. All you’ve gotta do is run 26.2 miles with a 35 lb. pack around White Sands, NM. Very happy to have my buddies, Mike and George join me for what’s sure to be an epic event while each of us go for our own great.

If you’ve made it all the way to this part of the blog, thank you for tuning in and taking the time out of your busy day. Also, hope that you’ll stay tuned on this great journey as there’s much more to come. To follow along you can go to our FB page or on Instagram. Hopefully you’ll all continue to constantly strive for your own greatness. Life is short and to be cherished with every sunrise. To finish off, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Shawshank Redemption, in the words of Andy Dufresne, “get busy living or get busy dying.” Cheers!


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