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Great Reminders for the Holiday Festivities

  • November 20th, 2018
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Tip #1 – You knew this one was going to be first!

Get active! Get up and get going, like joining Gut Check for a Turkey Trot, or going on a run around your house. In addition, getting your family out after dinner for a nice stroll around the neighborhood is a great way to get your metabolism going and feel better after a big meal.

Tip #2

Don’t skip out on breakfast in attempt to save calories. Although it may seem like a good idea, skipping breakfast will make you indulge in more foods later in the day. Have a small but nutrient dense breakfast like a piece of whole wheat toast with an egg and avocado or Oatmeal with peanut butter and an apple.

Tip #3

Watch your portions. You do not have to eat as much as physically possible. Strive to eat small portions of the foods that aren’t as healthy so you can still get the satisfaction without the guilt. Don’t waste calories on food you can have all year long but instead make room for your holiday favorites.

Tip #4

Try to resist the temptation of going back for seconds. Practice intuitive eating… are you really still hungry or could you wait for tomorrow when leftovers will be available and probably taste better than overindulging.

Tip #5

Eat slower. Your meal will be more satisfying if you eat slower and savor it. Place your fork down in between bites and engage in conversations. Remember thanksgiving is about family and spending time laughing and talking with your loved ones not just stuffing your face.

Tip #6

Don’t forget how fast alcohol calories can add up. Try drinking a glass of water or sparkling water in between your glasses of wine. This way you will stay full and hydrated and likely to consume less excess calories in alcohol.

Tip #7

Don’t stress too much. It’s a holiday. Have fun with your family and friends and indulge a bit on your favorites. Weight loss goals may not be attainable and maybe focus on weight maintenance goals instead.

Written by – Kara McCracken, Registered Dietitian

Happy Holidays from your Gut Check Fitness Friends and Family!