Joe Decker’s GutCheck Fitness Fuego y Agua Training Program

  • October 22nd, 2013
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“One of the most creative workouts in the world.”
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We are proud to present a collaboration with Joe Decker and GutCheck Fitness to bring you Joe’s training programs to get you ready for the 2014 Survival Run: Nicaragua or the Fuego y Agua 50k or 100k Ultras.

Joe will be competing in the Devil’s Double, the Survival Run on Feb 5th followed by the Fuego y Agua 100k on Feb 8th. Joe knows a thing or two about endurance racing, as he has completed Eco-Challenge, Raid Gauloises, Badwater, Maraton de Sables, won Death Race twice and many more epic feats.

Joe and his wife, Nicole, own GutCheck Fitness in San Diego. Together they organize many endurance events, like the King of the Hill Trail Series, The Ultimate Suck and GutCheck Challenge.

We are super excited to have them come down to join us!

Personal Note from Joe Decker and GutCheck Fitness

Joe and Nicole Decker

These plans are both a great way to help get you started and  keep you on track. Remember both can be modified to meet your needs, meaning decrease or increase mileage as you see necessary. Also as a 2x Death Race winner that is accustomed to training for creative/crazy events I strongly recommend that you add in some log carries, tree climbing and whatever else you can think of during the week to get ready for Josue’s sweet insanity. Having been named “One of the top 10 Most Creative Workouts in the World” we’ll certainly do our best to answer any training questions that you might have. Feel free to contact us at our website or come join us for a workout when in San Diego.

– Joe Decker


16 Week Training Program for Devil’s Double

16-Week Training Program for Fuego y Agua 50k or 100k