The 10 Most Extreme Fitness Tests In America

  • October 25th, 2012
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Oct 15, 2012
By Pete Williams
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After winning the Spartan Death Race in 2010 and 2011, trainer Joe Decker created “The Suck,” which he bills as “Conan the Barbarian meets Full Metal Jacket with a dash of Deliverance.” Ranging from 12 to 48 hours, The Suck is typically held at a farm in Illinois belonging to Decker’s family. Challenges combine farm chores with military boot camp, trail running, and survival skills. Knowing how to fire a shotgun, bale hay, and dig holes is recommended and required gear includes an ax, headlamp, ruck sack, two sandbags (50 pounds for guys, 30 for gals), and an old car tire. Your base camp is a tent in a hayfield, though sleep is not permitted. If it all sounds like it sucks, that’s the point.