Virtual Events

Virtual Events

In an effort to motivate & inspire, since this is Joe Decker’s 20 year Guinness Book anniversary, he decided to come up with a fun & engaging challenge. Joe based it upon his training and the 24 Hour World Record with a few modifications to make it more comprehensive and ‘fun.’ It’s a great way to get motivated plus stay healthy & fit during these trying times.

The Gut Check Patriot Challenge – REGISTER HERE

– May 8-14 The Red Challenge: 5 days with 5 miles per day + 50 reps of 5 exercises TBD (5 days on 2 days off)

– May 15-21 The White Challenge: 4 days with 7 miles per day + 70 reps of 7 exercises TBD (4 days on 3 days off)

– May 22-28 The Blue Challenge: 3 days with 10 miles per day + 100 reps of 10 exercises TBD (3 days on 4 days off)

– May 29-31 The Black Challenge: 2 days (48 hours) – 25 miles of running + 3,000 ab crunches, 1,100 push-ups, 1,100 jumping jacks, 1 mile burpee leap frog.

– May 29-31 The Devil’s Double: A combination of The GUT CHECK Black Challenge – 25 miles of running + 3,000 ab crunches, 1,100 push-ups, 1,100 jumping jacks, 1 mile burpee leap frog plus The SUCK Black Challenge – 25 miles of humping a pack with sandbag + Gut Check Murph 200 pack presses, 400 pack push-ups and 600 pack squats and 1 mile burpee leap frog. Must be completed in 2 days (48 hours).

Each daily run must be documented with GPS, Strava or similar then posted to the Gut Check Challenges page for verification. You will not receive your custom silicone bracelet if your run is not documented. Since we’re doing it virtually, we trust you to be honorable when completing your exercises and the prescribed number of reps. The event is based upon the US Military ‘Honor System,” please do not cheat as you’re truly only cheating yourself.

For each challenge that you complete in it’s entirety, we will send you the corresponding Red, White, Blue, Black or Devil’s Double custom silicone bracelet that you registered for. If you register for multiple or all, we will send the custom bracelets at the completion of your last event, not individually.


We are also hosting Gut Check Virtual Workouts via ZOOM that will help you complete these challenges. SIGN UP HERE