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Al Roker, Gut Check Fitness Member

“Joe Decker is my hero. He'll change the way America works out.”

Al Roker, Co-Host of NBC's Today Show
Former Member

Worlds Fittest Man, Joe Decker, Founder of Gut Check Fitness

Joe Decker, Founder

Joe Decker, recognized as the “World’s Fittest Man," after breaking the Guinness World Records® 24-Hour Physical Fitness Challenge, founded Gut Check Fitness. Joe is also the two-time winner of the Spartan Death Race and has competed in many of the world’s toughest endurance events, including the Raid Gauloises, the Badwater 135, the Marathon des Sables, and The Tough Guy Challenge in England. Read His Story

Lauren Adamek, Gut Check Fitness Member

“I am pushed beyond what I could ever do on my own.

I have gone down 3 pants sizes, see more muscle definition throughout my entire body, and my confidence in both my physical appearance and in my athletic ability has increased tenfold.”
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Lauren Adamek, Gut Check Member

Jon Choy, Gut Check Fitness Member

“It's more like playing than working-out.

They have pushed me and motivated me as I've gotten stronger and more confident. I've lost 20 lbs. Now rather than stopping to catch my breath at the top of the stairs I can run 30 miles!”
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Jon Choy, Gut Check Member

Gut Check Definition

Boot Camp San Diego

"Gut Check," a term commonly used in the military, means “We’re going to test you and try to break you to find what you’re truly made of!”

Gut Check Fitness offers world-class Boot Camp Training for those willing to test their courage, determination and character. We also host elite events nationwide, including the King of the Hill Trail Running Series, The SUCK and Gut Check Challenge.

If you are tired of playing with bouncy balls and rubber bands then come join us. This is not your granny’s Prancercise class. Gut Check Fitness was voted "Hardest Workout" by Competitor Magazine. Trailrunner Magazine boasts that we are, "Redefining Hardcore." Coca Cola's Fitness Programs calls our program "hardcore" as well as being among the most "creative" workouts in the world.

Joe leads Gut Check Fitness with a world-class team of instructors, offering unmatched instruction, high-energy workouts and positive reinforcement. All Gut Check Fitness classes and events are tailored to challenge every athlete, with a built-in social network of fun-loving people.

Try a Gut Check Fitness Boot Camp workout today.